Vow Renewals


There was a time when it was only the rich and famous who renewed their vows  after a high profile separation. Now, a lot of people do it and for many reasons.

Renewing your vows can be a lovely way to reaffirm your commitment to each other. Many people opt to do this for an anniversary, Valentines or other special date.

For couple’s who have come back together after a period apart, a vow renewal ceremony helps you publically declare your love and re-established commitment to your lives together.

It’s also an opportunity to have a ceremony your way, if your original wedding was spent pleasing others and having things you’d rather have not.

We can work together to create as small and personal or large and flamboyant ceremony for the both of you, where you can exchange eternity rings, gifts or other things as symbols of your ongoing love.

Please contact me to discuss how a vow renewal can work for you.

image2(Above image courtesy of Tigz Media London)

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