Loving Legalities

Legal Wedding

Legal Marriage Ceremony, Essex Church, Kensington Having had the honour of officiating this couples symbolic wedding ceremony the previous day, I also had the pleasure of helping officiate their legal marriage, which was full of symbolism via a unity candle … Continue reading 

Love as a 3D Movie

Cinema Wedding Ceremony

Celebrant-led Wedding Ceremony, Rich Mix Cinema, London This couple wowed their guests with a cinema premier wedding extravaganza, complete with popcorn, comfy cinema seating and a trailer made by the groom.  They made the ceremony fun with a sing-a-long, before … Continue reading 

Gothic Twists


Posting this to coincide with World Goth Day,  I was really pleased to be invited to give a talk about Celebrancy to Gothic Valley Women’s Institute, last month. Read more about how it went here: www.gothicvalleywi.org.uk If your WI or … Continue reading