All Sunshine and Flowers

Handfasting RS Brown Photography

Symbolic Wedding, Lillibrook Manor, Maidenhead With the run up to their day spent checking the weather forecast, everyone was delighted when the sun shone brightly for this couple’s wedding. The blue sky and flowers made a perfect backdrop for the … Continue reading 

Loving Legalities

Legal Wedding

Legal Marriage Ceremony, Essex Church, Kensington Having had the honour of officiating this couples symbolic wedding ceremony the previous day, I also had the pleasure of helping officiate their legal marriage, which was full of symbolism via a unity candle … Continue reading 

5 tips for a Love Busting February

Love Heart

With the start of February just around the corner, here are 5 tips to make it memorable and truly loving. 1) Pop the Question: How about a February 14th Valentine’s day proposal? There’s plenty of inspiration on line, and services … Continue reading