Celebrations of Life/Memorial Services


Why have a Memorial Service?

Many people can find it a great comfort to hold some form or ceremony or gathering on a specially marked date relating to the loved one who’s died.

It can also be an opportunity to do things which you were unable to do at the funeral. When someone dies, plans and arrangements for the funeral may have been quick and felt daunting. For some, the funeral itself could have felt like it went by in a haze and there may be other ways you wished you had contributed at the time.

Having an opportunity, months or years later, to do something special to mark and celebrate that loved ones life can feel really important, not just to yourself, but also to the network of people who can come together, united in the loss that’s shared and the love that’s continued to be held for that person.

Some people find strength and comfort through holding a memorial service, as well as a welcome opportunity to remember the good times and share fond memories with each other.

Does it have to be a sombre affair or can it be a Celebration of their Life?

These don’t just have to be sombre occasions. In fact, being able to celebrate someone life and their unique way of being, can bring a great sense of warmth and joy into the lives of those who were dear to them.

You can be really creative and do something which would have reflected what your loved one may have wanted. You could hold a memorial service somewhere which held significance for the departed loved one, or it could hold sentimental value for you. Some people choose to hold the memorial service at the anniversary of their loved one’s death, or their birthday or some other date connected to their loved one.

If you’re not sure exactly how, or even where, you’d like the memorial service to be, I’ll ask you questions which will help uncover some of the likes and key things the loved one had. Thus creating a basis for a personalised memorial service which really pays tribute to their life.

My role would be to help you create a sincere memorial service and lead the ceremony, if you wish, or aid you in leading the ceremony yourself.

Please contact me, to see if you’d like me to help you have a memorial service which illuminates the meaning that their life still has, through the memories of them that you share.

In sincerity