Baby/Child Blessings, Namings and Welcoming Ceremonies


(If especially wanting an Adoption or Special Guardianship Ceremony, please follow the link – here)

Blessing/Naming/Welcoming. What’s the difference?
The difference is only in the name people chose to use. They all essentially serve a similar purpose: They all affirm a baby/child’s value and presence in your immediate family and the lives of the family, friends and wider community of people you choose to include in your ceremony, and the world beyond.

So you’re free to call your ceremony by whatever name most reflects what your wanting to achieve by having the ceremony.

In our modern and changing world, family structures are changing and families are all shapes and sizes. Being able to create a ceremony which reflects your unique family makeup is important.

- You’re a “blended” family, with children from previous relationships, as well as a child/children together,
- You’re 2 female or 2 male parents, who may be joined at the ceremony by another biological parent who donated their egg or sperm,
- You’re a single parent who wishes to have a ceremony with friends and wider family,
- You’ve had a baby with the aid of a surrogate, who may still hold a role in the child’s life,
everyone can be involved as much or as little as you want them to be, giving weight to your own special circumstances and cementing your unique family structure.

There is no set template, way or place to have your ceremony. It can incorporate whatever spiritual, secular, religious, traditional or alternative and unique elements you chose. Some choose to formally appoint the baby/child’s chosen guide-parents/godparents/guardians within the ceremony, whilst others find this not necessary. Whether you include readings, poems, music, naming ritual, whether you use water in some way, or not, or incorporate another form of symbolism, it’s up to you.

If you’d like to know more, please contact me and we can talk more about how I could help you mark this joyful event in the most meaningful and purpose-filled way, for you.

With Blessings,