Celebrancy Ceremonies


What is a Celebrant?
A Celebrant, like myself, is trained to co-create and conduct ceremonies which mark key events in people’s lives. (See some ceremonies I’ve been involved in hereAnd find out more about me here)

Some common ceremonies include: (Click on the ceremony names to find out more details)

People have also been known to benefit from:
Coming of Age ceremonies; Transgender Transition Affirmations; Relocation and New House Blessings; Hand Fasting; and Divorce Healing ceremonies. So please contact me if you’d like a special event marked, even if it isn’t listed here.

Why choose a Celebrant?
There are various reasons to choose a Celebrant:

- You want complete freedom to have a ceremony which expresses your love, relationships or loss, exactly the way which suits you.

- If you married abroad, and also want to mark your new life together here with family and friends.   Or vice versa, you had a legal ceremony here, and want to have a ceremony abroad with family and friends.

- You already have an idea of the ceremony you want, and just need someone to help make it a reality.

- You choose who conducts your ceremony, someone you can build a good working relationship with over time.  So on the day, it’s like being guided through your ceremony by a trusted friend or valued acquaintance.

- Celebrant ceremonies offer an affirming alternative for trans people, before, whilst or aside from embarking on paperwork with deed poll name changing or gender recognition certificates.

- You don’t want to be dictated to or restricted about the contents of your ceremony.  Finding that you can’t include much wanted elements in your ceremony can be upsetting:

  •  You always dreamed of walking up the aisle to a particular piece of music, but it’s deemed as having “religious” connotations, so you can’t have it.
  • You want to celebrate the birth or adoption of a much longed for baby with a Naming Ceremony of some kind, but what you want is regarded as too “spiritual” or not religious enough.
  • You want a Celebration of Life ceremony which reflects the memory of your loved one and thier life, but some of the readings, poems or music you choose aren’t classed as suitable.
  • You want your wedding held at a place which has special meaning to you as a couple, but it’s not licenced for marriage, so you can’t have it there.
  • You want a ceremony which incorporates aspects of your different non-religious/secular or spiritual beliefs, but you’re told only secular beliefs can be included.
  • Similarly, wanting a wedding which honours both of your different religious or spiritual backgrounds in some way, but finding you can either have only one persons honoured in a religious setting, or neither at a registry office.

Your ceremony, is about YOU! Your relationship, your family, your loved one.  So it’s only right that it’s your choice.
That’s why people choose a celebrant, because they can have what they want, where they want.

Please contact me and together let’s design the perfect ceremony which is truly right for you.

Jeannene x

- Lucy and Laurence
She was very open to our specific requests and made us feel that what we wanted was possible: she encouraged our individuality to shine, whilst making sure we fulfilled all the legal requirements….read more

- Mr and Mrs Ozoling
“She gave us love and support and held our hands (literally at times) from beginning to end and gave us advice as to what we needed to prepare, what order the service would follow and importantly any and all paperwork that we needed to submit beforehand.  We were made to feel really special…. read more

-Bernie and Olivia 
“You were thoughtful, responsive and you really listened and respected our wishes.    You really understood the essence of what we wanted & kept the focus on us throughout.  On the day itself…. read more

-Mr and Mrs Warner
“From the 1st meeting with Jeannene we knew we were in safe hands, she took the time out to learn about us as a couple and all the little things that mattered which were personal to us….read more

-Mr and Mrs Lutaivono
“Our 7 year wedding anniversary would have been incomplete without the help of Jeannene. This was not a typical wedding event therefore we needed someone to make that clear to our guests in a special way….read more