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How exciting! You’re planning to celebrate your union with those who love and support you most! There are many benefits to having a Celebrant Ceremony to mark your Marriage, Civil Partnership or Civil Partnership Conversion.

For those of you wanting to make the most of equal marriage, a celebrant ceremony can compliment this, such as this ceremony here.

Celebrant ceremonies also offer an affirming alternative for those who identify as transgender and want to keep their gender journey private from a wider audience.  This can be before, whilst or aside from embarking on paperwork for deed poll name changes or gender recognition certificates.

Or if you identify as gender non-binary or gender fluid, being able to request  your preferred pronouns be used within your ceremony, can help you feel more comfortable, at ease, making the day where you share your love and commitment to a partner who accepts you for who you are, a pleasure to remember.

And with the variety and complexity of gender, sexuality and relationship diversity, we can collaborate together to create a ceremony which reflects the truth of who you are, your relationship and what matters most to you all.

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