Here are some frequently asked questions:

What’s your training and experience?
You can find out more about me here

How have other people found working with you?
You can find out about some other peoples experiences here

What are your terms and conditions and privacy policy?
You can read my Terms and Conditions here  and my Privacy & Data Policy here

Which areas do you work and what are your fees?
I work with couples and families who are having their ceremony in London and the surrounding areas, depending on the type of ceremony.  You can find out more information about my location and fees here

How do I pay for a ceremony?
Once we’ve met and agreed to go ahead, I’ll invoice you with Bank Transfer or PayPal* details.  Aside from the timeframe for the deposit and overall balance, this gives you the freedom to pay off the balance in amounts which work best for you.
*A fee of 3% will be added to cover Paypal fees.

When’s the best time to enquire or book?
As soon as you’ve decided possible dates you want to have your ceremony.  If you have a Celebrant Ceremony it will provide you with extra options regarding any legal aspects and your venue choice.

Are there any legalities?
Marriages, Civil Partnerships and Civil Partnership Conversions are the only ceremonies which have a legal aspect.  It’s very easy to arrange, and many couples are doing this shortly prior to their Celebrant Ceremony.  Register offices offer an option for this, it takes about 15 minutes and costs around £50.  Please contact your local register office for more details:  Find a register office

Do I/we have to design the ceremony all by myself/ourselves?
Only if you want to (Please see question below). I’m happy to give ideas and suggestions. What I’ve found though, is that once people are asked the right questions, people get clearer about the type of ceremony they want and what elements they’d like included.

Generally, after meeting, I’ll write out the ceremony structure, including the things you’ve agreed upon and email it to you, so you can give feedback about any additions or changes you’d like.

Can you deliver our own words if we write the ceremony?  What’s the fee for this?
Yes.  This can be a perfect option for D.I.Y. event lovers or  creative couples and can suit smaller budgets whilst still giving that personalised feel.  You write the script, send it to me to go through, we’ll finalise it together and I’ll deliver your words on the day.

You can find out the fees for this option here

I’d like a special friend or family member to officiate the vows or ring exchange, is that possible?
Certainly. What a deeply touching and unforgettable way for your special person or people to show their love and support for your future lives together, by being the ones to lead you through such a key part in your ceremony.

And with my background in teaching presentation skills, I can help them prepare, so that they can feel confident and do an amazing job on the day.  And if you’d like them to officiate any other aspects, please let me know.

Can children/pets be involved in the ceremony?
Yes they can, but please be aware of any restrictions from your venue or ceremony location.  As a Celebrant I feel that those especially important to you are welcome to be involved in some way.  From carrying gifts or rings, (even pets have been known to do this) to reading or participating in a “unity ritual”.  Please let me know your ideas and we’ll incorporate them in some way.

Do I/we have to include religious content in our ceremony?
Not unless you’d like to include religious or spiritual content which compliments your tradion or interfaith background. In working with you, I view my role as a facilitator in creating something which reflects what you hold to be true and meaningful for yourselves and your own secular, spiritual or religious beliefs and outlook on life.

Do you cater for couples with hidden or visible disabilities?
Yes I do.  The most important thing here, is for you to communicate your needs, for our ceremony planning and the day itself. For example, we can lay out the space so that there’s good wheelchair access, adapt the ceremony words to accommodate a signer, or arrange for the ceremony to be performed with you sitting down, if you’re unsure you can stand for the whole time.  And other things.  As I say, do communicate what you need.  I see you as the expert, and will take your lead in how to make this day work best for you in this respect.

Do you work with sexuality, gender and relationship diverse communities?
Yes and have experience with working with people from the LGBTQ+ community.  As well as conducting “Wedding blessings”, I feel very proud to have legally registered the first religious same-sex marriage, in the London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.

I’m also experienced in working with people who identify as “relationship diverse” as well as those who consider themselves part of an “Alternative” community.  Subtly incorporating reflections of their lifestyle into the ceremony, if they wish.

Is our theme too “out of the norm”?
Not at all.  Saying that your theme is too “out of the norm” is like saying, “You’re too out of the norm!”  And what is “Normal” anyway?

Even a quick internet search reveals couples ceremonies which have included themes such as Rock and Roll; 20s, 50s or 70s decade inspired; Gothic; Steampunk; Winter Wonderland; Halloween; superheroes/comic books; masquerade; multi coloured extravaganza’s; themes based on books or films; connections to seasonal cycles and times of the year;  I could go on and on.  So please contact me to discuss your theme ideas and we’ll look at how it can be incorporated into your ceremony.

If you have other questions, please contact me to discuss your needs and ideas.