Adoption/Special Guardianship “Welcoming” Ceremonies


Adoption/Special Guardianship “Welcoming” Ceremonies:

I also have experience and specialize in offering ceremonies for those who’ve Adopted or become a Special Guardian to a baby or child. These are special and unique processes and mean that there may be additional elements to the purpose of the ceremony.

Such as:
- Welcoming and marking the arrival of an adopted or special guardian child into the family.
-  Celebrating the end of a long legal process which has culminated in now having this baby or child in your life in a fuller way.
- Recognising the permanency of this baby or child in your life/lives, and the sense of security that brings for both you and the baby or child.
- Acknowledging your commitment to raise this baby or child, into adulthood, as your own.

Co-creating and conducting a ceremony, which helps to psychologically and emotionally strengthen the bonds between a baby or child and their family (whether by birth or other means) and others who’ll support him/her throughout their life, is something I experience as a blessing and an honour.

Please feel welcome to contact me and discuss exactly what it means to you to have this baby or child in your life and how this can be best reflected in your ceremony.

With good wishes,