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A bit about me:
I’m a London based woman, who balances freelance working with home commitments.  This includes regularly leading services across SE England for Unitarian groups where people hold a wide range of faith beliefs and none.  My Celebrancy complements this, alongside my passion for people’s personal growth and search for meaning in life.  I also love the adventure of meeting new people, travelling and learning varied and interesting things.

In terms of working with me, although people can have reservations about writing testimonials for public viewing, here are some which provide an idea of what I’m like through the experience of others: What others say

Celebrant Ceremonies:
Ceremony and ritual have always been of importance to me. As well as experience as a Registrar in charge of legally registering marriages in both secular and religious settings, and working within an organisation which runs Marriage Preparation Courses, a couple of years ago, I completed a Unitarian “Rites of Passage” training course, authorising and enabling me to conduct legal marriages and other life event ceremonies within Unitarian churchs and meeting halls.  Around this time I also branched off, becoming professionally insured, as an open-minded and inclusive Celebrant.  All of which I thoroughly enjoy.

Prior to this, I learnt through the practice of being involved in the rites of passage of people I know.
This included:
- Welcoming ceremony and blessings for slightly older children and babies.
- Conducting wedding blessing abroad for couples whose families were unable to attend the UK wedding.
- Helping guide brides to write personal wedding vows
- Helping organise the gathering and celebration of relative’s lives, on what would have been, their birthday.

All of this has combined in greater understanding of how ceremonies and rituals transform, not only the central people involved, but also the lives of those who support them.

Marking Rites of Passage Ceremonies is something I feel passionate about and when meeting couples, or conducting ceremonies, I’m reminded that I have one of the luckiest jobs in the world! It’s always such an honour and privilege to be part of something so meaningful in people’s lives, and I know that this sense only continues to grow as time goes on.

Wishing you all the best,


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